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7 Years EasyWebshop: winning formula!

Segunda-feira, 11 abril 2016, 12:00

Layout update: new templates

In our previous newsletter we announced the layout update and the new layout editor. This time we've brought you two new templates: Streamlined and Streamlined Wide.

Both have a sleek and modern design. Naturally, they are optimized for search engines and to be mobile-friendly.

You start with a relatively simple base, t...

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Major update webshop apps and layout

Segunda-feira, 1 fevereiro 2016, 10:30

Recently we have launched a new version of our app platform. This makes it possible to integrate webshop apps - connections with external software - faster and better in EasyWebshop.

There are also new apps: PayPal Express (payment provider) and Twenga (comparison site).
You can find them at Settings > Apps.

Suggestions for integrating new applications can be sent via our contact form....

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Happy Holidays! + future vision

Quinta-feira, 24 dezembro 2015, 12:00

On behalf of EasyWebshop we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We also wish you a lot of success, new customers and orders with your online sohp in 2016!

2015 was a year full of updates!

In 2015 EasyWebshop became better, more comprehensive and more user-friendly. An overview:

Starting an online shop, ...

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Thanks to everyone who visited us!

Segunda-feira, 7 dezembro 2015, 14:00

We look back on two successful exhibition days and a successful online shop training course!

We were surprised by the many inspiring stories of our customers: entrepreneurs with a story and a vision. We also made a lot of new contacts, both starting merchants and existing merchants wanting to switch to EasyWebshop.

The strong growth and the satisfaction of our customers allows us to further invest and make EasyWebshop even better. For the upcoming months we have ...

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An online shop in your pocket with EasyWebshop

Domingo, 15 março 2015, 3:00

Our website has a new responsive layout.
From now on you can manage your online shop on your smartphone.

We also implemented a lot of visual improvements that will make it easier for you to manage your shop.

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EasyWebshop starts with responsive shops

Quinta-feira, 7 agosto 2014, 3:15

Last night we have implemented a big layout update to make our shops responsive. Responsive means your website looks good on every type of screen.

On one hand screens are getting smaller e.g. netbooks, tablets and mobile phones. On the other hand, the desktop screens are getting bigger and we use smart TV's and beamers.

To be able to support all these different devices, extra flexibility is needed. Responsive websites are "liquid" and spread the objects on the w...

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Important update order statuses and shipping methods

Domingo, 13 julho 2014, 2:00

A number of important updates were implemented in our platform. It's possible that the operation of your shop is now somewhat different. You will have to personalize some settings in the new system.

Update shipping methods

The list with shipping methods was becoming very long. We have limited this to the four most important shipping methods. You can now add personalized shipping methods yourself.

For example: shipping with insurance, refrigerated tra...

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EasyWebshop is expanding!

Sexta-feira, 16 maio 2014, 15:30

EasyWebshop keeps growing. To follow up on the constant growth, we have added new servers to the network.

To develop a strong network, we have placed our servers at different locations. A number of servers are located in a data center in Belgium. Our new servers have been placed in Luxembourg: a central location from which there is a high-speed internet connection with Western European countries such as France, the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain.

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